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Wednesday, 06 May 2009

Bitch blogs Bollywood Barbie®, Doug Peacock on the Grizzly Bear & more!

From Brian Tamanaha at Balkinization:
Maybe Logic Can Help
1. "Waterboarding is torture" (President Obama statement a week ago, world opinion)
2. "We waterboarded three prisoners" (statements by CIA, Cheney, Yoo, etc.)
3. "We did not torture prisoners." (statements by Bush, Rice, etc.)

No one contests number 2, so number 1 is wrong or number 3 is wrong. You decide.

Mandy Van Deven writes at Bitch: Mattel is using feminism to sell the Bollywood Barbie® saying: “She allows girls to dream beyond and know that a woman has choices, having herself represented more than 100 careers in her lifetime. ”

At Counterpunch, Doug Peacock explains why global warming and hunting necessitates placing the Yellowstone Grizzly back on the Endangered Species List

Some news is good news: At RaceWire, Jorge Rivas's piece "DREAM Act: Gaining Momentum"
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