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Friday, 08 May 2009

Pigs, Pumas, Cougars & Animal Liberation

"Piggish Capitalism" from Sirota at In These Times: "If you’re not pummeled by television reports about Wall Street oinkers, you’re bombarded by talk-radio rants about congressional pork and newspaper dispatches about swine flu."

We're really digging Bite Back magazine's News from the Front Lines, especially the notes associated with the white rabbit icon!

Daniel Albert at n+1 comments on GM's latest vehicle: "Their latest death throe is called the "Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility," an incredibly awkward name designed to yield the acronym P.U.M.A. The PUMA is a two-seater city car based on the Segway scooter, a vehicle which has done more to advance situation comedy than personal transportation."

More on disastrous felidae appropriation: a while back, a mention of "reality" show, The Cougar For Realz? Bitch Blog

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