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Friday, 13 November 2009

Zelaya restoration in Honduras threatened

Four pieces on the recently failed plan to restore ousted president Manuel Zelaya to power.
Amy Goodman interviews Manuel Zelaya on Democracy Now! (audio/video and transcript)

On Honduras Situation, Obama Admin. Teeters on the Brink of Disaster
Emile Schepers in Political Affairs
The latest news out of Honduras is very alarming. It would appear that the much ballyhooed “accords” worked out last week between negotiating teams for President Manuel Zelaya and coup leader Roberto Micheletti are being used as yet another cynical delaying tactic by the latter, and as a cop-out stratagem by the Obama administration.

Honduras Accord Is on Verge of Collapse
Mary Beth Sheridan at Common Dreams
Less than two weeks after U.S. diplomats announced a historic agreement to reverse a coup in Honduras, the accord is in danger of collapse and both Honduran officials and U.S. lawmakers are blaming American missteps for some of the failure.

Honduran Regime Reneges on Political Deal
Stephen J. Lawrence in Counterpunch
Despite a political agreement anounced two weeks ago to restore ousted Honduran president Manual Zelaya to power, the military-backed regime of Roberto Micheletti apparently has no intention of letting the deposed leader return to office, informed sources say. In fact, the regime is apparently using Zelaya's promised return as little more than a PR ploy to neutralize domestic and international opposition and to build diplomatic support for the country’s upcoming presidential election.
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