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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Three from Le Monde Diplomatique

Serge Halimi on Obama's war on Afghanistan. Gareth Porter on the US-Iran conflict. Rebecca Solnit on the Copenhagen climate summit.
"What Apocalypses Are You Nostalgic For?"
by Rebecca Solnit

The failure of national governments in Copenhagen doesn't mean there is no future with them. Much was accomplished--even the refusal to be bullied into a false 'solution' accord by the global south. Tiny countries stood up to China. A global movement to respond to climate change found its ties.

Le Monde Diplomatique (January 2010)

"Iran's Fuel for Conflict"
by Gareth Porter

Barack Obama created the hope of a diplomatic breakthrough between the US and Iran after 30 years of enmity. Now talks between the West and Iran over nuclear issues have stalled and each side wants to claim a political victory rather than solve the problem. Gareth Porter questions the logic behind the proposals put forward by the US.

Le Monde Diplomatique (December 2009)

"Starts with Candy, Ends in Napalm"
by Serge Halimi

Barack Obama's war on Afghanistan, his “necessary war”, has lasted eight years. British, German, French, Italian and other European troops are fighting alongside the US forces. Nato decisions are made in Washington. Serge Halimi comments.

Le Monde Diplomatique (November 2009)
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