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Friday, 12 February 2010

US Foreign Policy under Barack Obama

US voters elected Barack Obama as president to bring change. But what change has there been in US foreign policy? Read Tariq Ali on the Middle East and Central Asia, Greg Grandin on Latin America, Arun Gupta on Haiti.
"President of Cant"
by Tariq Ali

From declamations in Cairo to silence over Gaza, the continued occupation of Iraq and escalation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Tariq Ali asks what has changed in US foreign policy since the departure of Bush. How does US President Obama relate to Gaza, Baghdad, Tehran, Kabul and Islamabad? What does this tells us about the continuity of US foreign policy under Obama. Read Ali's analysis.

New Left Review (Jan-Feb 2010)

"Muscling Latin America"
by Greg Grandin

In September Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, delivered on an electoral promise and refused to renew Washington's decade-old, rent-free lease on an air base outside the Pacific coast town of Manta, which for the past ten years has served as the Pentagon's main South American outpost. The eviction was a serious effort to fulfill the call of Ecuador's new Constitution to promote "universal disarmament." It was also one of the most important victories for the global demilitarization movement. Yet, in late October the US and Colombia signed an agreement granting the Pentagon use of seven military bases, along with an unlimited number of as yet unspecified "facilities and locations." They add to Washington's already considerable military presence in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean. Read Greg Grandin's analysis.

The Nation (2/8/2010)

"More Pain for Devastated Haiti"
by Arun Gupta

Under the pretense of disaster relief, the Obama administration is operating a military occupation. The rapid mobilization of US troops in Haiti was not primarily done for humanitarian reasons. The devil is in the historical details: look for a neoliberal economic plan imposed, at gunpoint if necessary. Analysis by The Indypendent's Arun Gupta.
AlterNet.org (2/12/2010)
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