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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Links for Nov. 15, 2011

Articles from The New Internationalist, TruthDig, Remapping Debate and Monthly Review.
The New Internationalist: A Greek Tragi-farce by Katerina Kitidi
What was broadly characterized as a ‘Greek tragedy’ has ended up as a farce. In the name of ‘the people,’ a politician who had long lost democratic legitimacy gave his place to a non-elected technocrat in order to secure the implementation of a publicly despised austerity program.

TruthDig: This Is What Revolution Looks Like by Chris Hedges
Welcome to the revolution. Our elites have exposed their hand. They have nothing to offer. They can destroy but they cannot build. They can repress but they cannot lead. They can steal but they cannot share. They can talk but they cannot speak.

Remapping Debate: The Hidden Toll of Underemployment by Mike Alberti
The many impacts of unemployment — including social and psychological ones — have long been catalogued. But much less is known about the consequences of “underemployment.” Millions of Americans — at least as many as are unemployed, and perhaps more — have either been forced to take part-time work because full-time jobs are not available, or are forced to work in jobs for which they are overqualified.

Monthly Review: On the Brussels’ Agreement: Europe’s Reverse Alchemy in Full Throttle by Yanis Varoufakis
One knows that there is something rotten in the world economy when the fate of a Greek PM makes headlines all over the world and for a whole week. Greece is not, and ought not to be, that important. But Italy is. And so is, from a global perspective, Europe. For some time now, Europe has been hiding its ills behind its (Hellenic) little finger. At long last, the truth (which I have been at pains to shout from the rooftops for more than 18 months) is now out: This is a systemic crisis that threatens not only the euro but the world economy in its entirety.
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