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Friday, 26 October 2012

Syria. Turkey. US Empire.

Propaganda war concerning Syria. Turkey's role in the Middle East. Dangerous decline of US imperialism.
"Syria's Propaganda War: When Sources are Impossible to Check"
by Antonin Amado & Marc de Miramon

Both sides in the Syrian conflict--and all the Middle Eastern powers--are manipulating events and rumours for their own purposes. Media access to hard facts is limited where it exists at all, and most media want a simple, sympathetic narrative, and want it now. Mainstream media want reports regardless of whether rigorous reporting methods are used.

Le Monde Diplomatique (September 2012)

"Democratic Janissaries? Turkey’s Role in the Arab Spring"
by Cihan Tugal

New Left Review (July-August 2012)

Turkey has been hailed in the West as a democratic model for the Islamic world. Cihan Tugal takes a cool look at the Erdogan government’s domestic and foreign-policy record, from ‘zero problems’ diplomacy to the blockade of Libya and dirty war on Damascus, airstrikes on Turkish Kurds and silence on Bahrain.

"Overwrought Empire: The Discrediting of US Military Power"
by Tom Engelhardt

Le Monde Diplomatique (Oct. 22, 2012)
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