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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Left Sexism; Challenging Stop and Frisk; Taxing Poor to Save Banks

Contradiction of left sexism; Taking Cypriots' money to save banks a pattern for world; Stop-and-Frisk as social control
"Sexism and the Left: Fight the (Invisible) Power"

Zoe Stavri calls out the sexism undermining left challenges to oppression.


"Cyprus and Global Banking Instability"

Jack Rasmus marks the continuing weakness of the banking sector and the burden on the prospect of state-backed theft of citizens' savings to save it.


"Stop-and-Frisk as a Policy of State Control Over Blacks and Latinos"

Ari Paul exposes Stop-and-Frisk as an intentional policy of social control over African American and Latino men in New York, around US.

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