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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

USA Today

FAIR on Obama administration attack on journalism. Perry Anderson examines the political-economic background to the United States today. Mike Davis analyzes the 2012 presidential election.
"The Accelerating Assault on Journalism"

Some US media figures applaud the criminalization of investigative reporting by the Obama administration.

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (8/27/2013)

by Perry Anderson

Perry Anderson examines the deadlocks of American politics viewed within a longer optic, as outcomes of interlocking determinants -- regime of accumulation, sociological shifts, cultural mutations, catalytic minorities -- within an all-capitalist ideological universe. From President Carter to President Obama…

New Left Review (May 2013)

"The Last White Election"
by Mike Davis

Mike Davis offers a panoramic survey of America’s political landscape as revealed by the
November 2012 vote, with age, gender, ethnicity and geography the volatile determinants of Obama’s victory. Within an increasingly polarized ideological force field, how will the coming 

struggles unfold between Democratic President and Senate and a Republican House, itself consumed 

by turmoil?

New Left Review (January 2013)
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