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Monday, 24 February 2014

Minimum Wage Fight Coverage Found in Alternative Press Index

In response to Counterpunch.org's story on the minimum wage push in Seattle here is a list of 2013 articles from the alternative press on minimum wage battles around the United States found in the current API
The Counterpunch story (not in API): "The Murky Politics of the $15 Minimum Wage"
By Shamus Cooke. Counterpunch.org, Feb 24, 2014

"Fight for 15 Confidential: How did the Biggest-Ever Mobilization of Fast-Food Workers Come About, and What is its Endgame?"
By Arun Gupta. In These Times, Dec 01, 2013, Vol. 37 Issue 12 p34-39

"Minimum Wage, Maximum Stimulus"
By Theo Anderson. In These Times, Feb 01, 2013, Vol. 37 Issue 2 p12

"Is Fight for 15 for Real? Examining the Campaign By Retail and Fast-Food Workers to Earn a Living Wage"
By Micah Uetricht. In These Times, Oct 01, 2013, Vol. 37 Issue 10 p8-10

"Working Poor Shorted in Minimum Wage Coverage: Those Most Affected by Debate Weren't Part of It"
By Sean Cox and Steve Rendall. Extra!, Jun 01, 2013, Vol. 26 Issue 6 p14-15

"Chicago's Fast Food Walk Out: the "Fight for 15" (Dollars per Hour, a.k.a., a Living Wage) Hits the Windy City"
Socialist Viewpoint, May 01, 2013, Vol. 13 Issue 3 p8-9

"We're Not Lovin' It: Low-Wage Workers Fight to Make Bad Jobs Better"
By Nicole Aschoff. Dollars & Sense, Sep 01, 2013 Issue 308 p13-17

"Nine Bucks Won't Cut It"
By Jim Hightower. The Progressive, Apr 01, 2013, Vol. 77 Issue 4 p46
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