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Monday, 05 January 2015

Racism in Alternative Press Index

Selected bibliography of recent articles on racism found in the Alternative Press Index
"A Diseased Body Politic: Nativist Discourse and the Imagined Whiteness of the USA"
by Sang Hea Kil, Cultural Studies; Mar 01, 2014, Vol. 28 Issue 2 p177-98

"Race and Pedagogical Practices: When Race Takes Center Stage in Philosophy"
by Rozena Maart, Hypatia; Winter 01, 2014, Vol. 29 Issue 1 p205-20

"The Genes Made Us Do It: The New Pseudoscience of Racial Difference"
by Jonathan Marks, In These Times; Jun 01, 2014, Vol. 38 Issue 6 p28-31

"The Rescue Fallacy: Race, Privilege and Adoption"
by Ruth Fowler, Counterpunch; Jan 01, 2014, Vol. 21 Issue 1 p20-23
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