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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Socialism in the Alternative Press

Selected bibliography of recent articles concerning socialism in the Alternative Press Index
"Dreaming the Future: Nostalgia for Socialism"
by Lee Ballinger, Counterpunch, September, 2014, vol. 21 no. 9, p18-21

"Modern Capitalism and Unfree Labor: The Unsaying of Marxism"
by Tom Brass, Science & Society, July, 2014, vol. 78 no. 3, p288-311

"Popular Movements Toward Socialism: Their Unity and Diversity"
by Samin Amir, Monthly Review, June, 2014, vol. 66 no. 2, p1-32

"Rethinking Asian Mobilities: Socialist Migration and Post-Socialist Repatriation of Vietnamese Contract Workers in East Germany"
by Christina Schwenkel, Critical Asian Studies, June, 2014, vol. 46 no. 2, p235-58
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