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Friday, 10 April 2015

Free Trade Agreements in the Alternative Press

Selected bibliography of recent articles on free trade agreements found in the Alternative Press Index
"The TTIP: Time for US Unions to Wake Up!"
by Elmar Wigand, Industrial Worker, July, 2014, vol. 111 no. 6, p12

"The Rules of the Game: Who Gets To Tell the EU To Do What"
by Raoul Jennar, Le Monde Diplomatique, June, 2014 no. 1406 p8-9

"A Partnership for Corporate Power? Coming Soon: the TPPA, a Charter of Corporate Rights Infringing On Your Rights"
by Joanna Santa Barbara, Peace Magazine; April, 2014, vol. 30 no. 2 p6-7

"TPP: Trumping Public Priorities: Obama's Pacific Deal Would Deepen the Income Divide"
by Roger Bybee, Dollars & Sense; March, 2014 no. 311 p7-8
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