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Friday, 24 April 2015

War in Syria in the Alternative Press

A selected bibliography on recent articles on the war in Syria found in the Alternative Press Index
"Syria: Kurds Fight for Self-Determination and Civil War"
by Thomas Schmidinger, Green Left Weekly, February 05, 2014 no. 995 p20

"To End the Syrian Crisis: Here Are Five Steps the United States Should Take"
by Phyllis Bennis, The Nation, June 02, 2014, vol. 298, no. 22 p10-11

"Syria in Fragments: the Politics of the Refugee Crisis"
by Omar Dahl, Dissent, Winter, 2014, vol. 61 no. 1 p45-48

"Starvation, Submission and Survival: Syria's War Through the Prism of Food"
by Brent Eng and José Martinez, Middle East Report, Winter, 2014 no. 273 p28-32
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