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Saturday, 06 June 2015

"Postmodernism" in the Alternative Press

A selected bibliography of recent articles concerning postmodernism found in the Alternative Press Index
"Telling the Truth: Heller as Philosopher of History and Personality"
by Katie Terezakis
Thesis Eleven, December, 2014, no. 125, p16-31

"The Ecological Civilization Debate in China: The Role of Ecological Marxism and Constructive Postmodernism--Beyond the Predicament of Legislation"
by Zhihe Wang et al
Monthly Review, November, 2014, vol. 66 no. 6, p37-59

"A Postmodern Critique of Societal Discourses of Male Violence in Interpersonal Family Relationships: A Balancing Act for Social Work"
by Besthorn et al
Journal of Progressive Human Services, September, 2014, vol. 25 no. 3, p163-80

"The Ethical Demand in Societal Perspective: Zygmunt Bauman's Sociological Interpretation of the Danish Philosopher K. E. Logstrup's Moral Philosophy"
by Ojvind Larsen
Philosophy & Social Criticism, July, 2014, vol. 40 no. 6, p523-34
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