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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The LIBOR Interest Rate Scandal in the Alternative Press

A selected bibliography of recent articles on LIBOR interest rate manipulation by banks found in the Alternative Press Index
"On Arbitration, Arbitrage and Arbitrariness in Financial Markets and Their Governance: Unpacking LIBOR and the LIBOR Scandal"
by Philip Ashton and Brett Christophers
Economy and Society, May, 2015, vol. 44, no. 2, p188-217

"Big Bank 'Crime of the Century': Despite Severity of Offenses, Banksters Get No Jail Time"
by Deidre Fulton
Socialist Viewpoint (Reprinted from Common Dreams), May, 2015, vol. 15, no. 3, p32

"Lloyds Banking Gets Prosecution Deferred, to Pay $370 Million"
Corporate Crime Reporter, Aug 04, 2014, vol. 28 no. 31, p10
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