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Monday, 08 September 2008

Is The Wire Too Cynical? A debate at Dissent: The Wire reinforced white middle-class stereotypes of inner-city life. The show’s writers, producers, and directors portray most of the characters—clergy and cops, teachers and principals, reporters and editors, union members and leaders, politicians and city employees—as corrupt, cynical, and ineffective. Viewers may have thought they were seeing the whole picture, but the show’s unrelentingly bleak portrayal missed what’s hopeful in Baltimore and, indeed, in other major American cities. In that way, it did the opposite of what its creator, David Simon, said he wanted the show to do: spur our country to end the plight of the poor and minorities who live in America’s inner-cities.

Why Barack Obama will Lose on November 4, 2008, and What it Says about the State of our Nation: meritocracy means "rule by those with merit" and is a terrible mash-up of Latin and Greek roots. But not only is it a monstrous philological hybrid, it is anti-democratic. It promotes the idea that the people, or the "demos" are unfit to rule.

Only in Cook [County]: Highest bidder wins contract

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