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Wednesday, 01 October 2008

"Students in Chicago have languished in a school system where only 6 out of every 100 [Chicago Public School] students will graduate from a four-year college, dropout rates of more than 50%, below average test scores and dismal high school graduation rates"

Clergy Coalition for School Funding Reform (CCSFR) staged a 2 day boycott in September to kick off the school year. Busing CPS students from the Chicago southside to register at New Trier High School in an affluent northern suburb, CCSFR illuminated inequalities from the property tax school funding structure that leaves $10,000 dollars per year to educate a CPS student while each New Trier student is allocated $17,000 worth of resources. 

Tonight, CCSFR takes the struggle to win more funding for schools to Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs' first playoff game in what could be their first world series championship in 100 years.  More info on their website.

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