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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

APC Blog for Wednesday, Februrary 16

RaceWire's Tammy Johnson on comic strip coverage of Obama: "In these strips, the face that pursued and captured the highest office of the land, the face that now is government, and holds the hopes and fears of millions, is a Black face. But with a sweep of a pen that face is used by comics to delegitimate, dehumanize and deflect from real issues. The daily sting of racial injustices experienced by millions is rarely addressed. These comics remind us that no matter who or how it’s delivered, the joke is still on us."

White supremacists recruit military personnel for their access to firearms and weapons.  The US military recruits white supremacists because standards have dropped due to increased needs.  In These Times' Jacob Wheeler on skinheads in the army.  

Would you like fries with that?  Help Balkinization explore gender and happy meal toys by reporting your latest McDonalds experience.


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