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Sunday, 01 March 2009

Rebellion in Greece

Articles by Valia Kaimaki, Ilias Ziogas, Akis Gavrilidis, and Takis Fotopoulos on the rebellion of youth in Greece.
"Mass Uprising of Greece's Youth" by Valia Kaimaki

Why did Greek youth take to the streets? The police murder of a 15-year old student was catalyst for a general social explosion. For the first time since the World War II young people have no hope of a better life than their parents. But there is also a failure of trust in politicians and all state institutions, particularly the police. Analysis by Valia Kaimaki.

Le Monde Diplomatique (January 2009)

"The Revenge of Life" by Ilias Ziogas and Akis Gavrilidis

The rebellion of Greek youth is shaking that country's political institutions. Interpretation by participant observers Ilias Ziogas and Akis Gavrilidis.

Red Pepper (Feb/Mar 2009)

"A Systemic Crisis in Greece" by Takis Fotopoulos

The murder of the student is part of a long sequence of murders and police brutalities that characterized the post-civil war period in Greece. Takis Fotopoulos links the social explosion to the worsening of a multidimensional crisis. How does this rebellion compare with Paris in 1968?

Inclusive Democracy (Spring 2009) / Eleftherotypia (3/1/2009)
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