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Monday, 09 March 2009

Intereseting videos from women & great admissions from capitalists

At Labor Research Associates, comments on an article in The Financial Times entitled "Capitalism Has Failed" — Jonathan Tasini writes "to see the FT pronounce the obvious is refreshing"

Dollars & Sense blog: IMF Blames Crisis On Lack of Regulation
"From the International Monetary Fund, you know, the people who shoved unfettered global profit-seeking down the throats of impoverished countries for decades, comes this fabulous insight: inadequate regulation was the major cause of the current financial crisis."

Monthly Review blogs interesting videos on the importance of women and the complexity of the Roma identitas well as from Aswat (Voices), a group of Palestinian gay women, home to all lesbian, inter-sex, queer, transsexual, transgender, and bisexual women and women who are just beginning to question their sexual identities.  
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