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Monday, 30 March 2009

The $$$ Edition

Dollars and Sense blogs about We20, "the people's G20." 
"The website at we20.org acts as a facilitator and hub for these meetings. Visitors to the site can find an existing meeting or set one up to discuss and agree on a local, national or global challenge, or to read and vote on plans from other we20 meetings."

In These Times presents an interesting debate between Naomi Klein and Rabbi Arthur Waskow on divestment and sanctions in South Africa and Israel. 

Racewire asks: do you know people of color who lived through the depression?
"The Times is running stories every week about life in the Depression, comparing California‚Äôs tent cities to shantytowns and asking questions about the job prospects for young people. But all the stories are about white people.  As the Applied Research Center gets ready up to release a report on what the recession means for communities of color, we want to hear about what the Depression was like for people of color." 

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