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Thursday, 02 April 2009

Quick $$$ Links

Worthless money [via Wooster Collective]: "'Thanks To Mugabe'…[small Zimbabwean newspaper prints] all their advertising on actually money - which, unfortunately, has become completely worthless":
Oil money [via Political Affairs]: "During the second Summit of Arab and South American Nations in Doha, Qatar, on Tuesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez proposed a new international currency backed by oil reserves and an international bank managed jointly by petroleum exporting countries."

Fear money [via FAIR]: "There is money to be made from fear—and business has been good for those hawking the online child predator threat. Exploiters of the scare range from the Internet-policing groups who ferret out suspects and share information with authorities (and sometimes, for a fee, with journalists) to vendors of software intended to help parents monitor and restrict web use."
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