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Thursday, 09 April 2009

Sex, Drugs & ESL; Digital Divide & Race; Reality & Publishing; Family Values; Shoe Thrower -- No unifying theme today! Check out these links

'Shoe Thrower' Sentence Reduced "Muntadar al Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist convicted after he threw a shoe at President George Bush, has had his jail sentence reduced from three years to one year."

The Digital Divide and the Color Line  "Across the country, many urban families are struggling to explore job opportunities, communicate with loved ones, and attain an education—because they lack access to a high-speed Internet connection."

Sex, Drugs and ESL: new laws policing foreign teachers in Thailand are mostly ignored
"The second most popular justification is that it’s “part of their culture and who are we to interfere?” As though having sex with a prostitute in Thailand is akin to a pig-roast in Hawaii or a thermal pool in Iceland. You simply haven’t experienced Thailand until you’ve tried it!"

Reality Publishing "…a publishing industry facing its own financial terrors should eventually have spawned the idea of staying relevant by copycatting this form of entertainment. Like the amateur contests it was modeled on, The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award brought the same stew of spectacle, humiliation, and "reality" into the normally private acts of judgment and reactions of a professional world—in this case, the world of book publishing."

Family Values "Badiou, The Century: 'It’s very striking to notice that … the family has once more become a consensual and practically unassailable value. The young love the family, in which, moreover, they now dwell until later and later. … The new man primarily stood – if one was progressive – for the escape from family, property and state despotism. Today, it seems that ‘modernization’, as our masters like to call it, amounts to being a good little dad, a good little son, to becoming an efficient employee, enriching oneself as much as possible, and playing at the responsible citizen.'

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