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Job Opening: Indexer

20 Dec 2021

Job: Indexer (Full-time)

The Alternative Press Center is seeking an Indexer to join its small, progressive staff in Baltimore, Maryland. The Center is a non-profit organization with a 50+ year history as a leading authority on the alternative press, publishing the respected quarterly Alternative Press Index and maintaining one of the foremost collections of alternative reading materials. Compensation for this full-time position (30 hours weekly) beginning February 1, 2022 is $24,960 salary with three weeks paid vacation, sick time, health and dental insurance.


* Indexing (categorization and data-entry of at least 90 articles/week). Indexing consists of the subject categorization of periodical articles and data entry and does not necessarily need to be done in the office.
* Administrative work includes editorial work and possible database management, library maintenance, outreach and archival projects based on interest.
* Editorial work consists of the review of periodicals for inclusion in the Index and the proofing and copy editing.


* Background in social sciences, humanities, information science, or library science.
* Familiarity with global politics and social movements.
* Ability to work independently with attention to detail and meet deadlines.
* Commitment to democracy, diversity, progressive causes, and social change.
* Access to IBM-compatible personal computer preferred.
* Experience with Corel WordPerfect and database software a plus.
* Previous indexing, abstracting, or cataloging experience a plus.
* Experience with library classification systems and subject headings a plus.
* Ability to read/write French or Spanish is helpful but not required.


Please send a cover letter and resume with contact information for two references by January 7, 2022 to:


The Alternative Press Center encourages applicants of diverse age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical ability, religion, sexuality, and veteran status.

For more information on the Center visit our web page at www.altpress.org/

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