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Ralph Nader on the 2nd edition of Annotations
"In an era of one-newspaper cities and with a political system that avoids rather than enlivens issues, Annotations: a guide to the independent critical press opens the doors to a wonderful cornucopia of publications that make it their business to take up the new, the innovative and, most of all, the controversial. Anyone who wants relief from the bland or trivial offerings of daily newspapers and television will find in this guide a diverse group of periodicals that revive the kind of public policy debates which have been so important in bringing about social and economic change. [The book] provides hard evidence that there is still a brand of journalism alive that is willing to take on controversial, entrenched power, including corporate power, for an open public debate about the issues that affect people — proof that there is much more beyond the soft ice cream ladled out by the mainsteam corporate press."

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The third revised edition (2004) of Annotations, the Alternative Press Center's Guide to the Independent and Critical Press edited by the staff of the Alternative Press Center in collaboration with Marie Jones, M.L.S. is available. Foreword by Robert McChesney.

This companion to the Alternative Press Index has been dubbed by librarian Sandy Berman as "the best single way to make the Library Bill of Rights real: providing access to the myriad opinions, movements, and activities that the orthodox, conventional media either distort or ignore." This expanded third edition of Annotations surveys 385 periodicals of the Left from around the world and provides detailed descriptions of content, history, noted contributors, contact information, guidelines for writers and detailed statistics for each publication.

Entries are accompanied by concise, insightful annotations that fill out the history, ideology, content, and unique features of each of these important periodicals. Order it today for your library and personal collections.

You'll find exhaustive bibliographic information for the more than 385 periodicals, including:

  • full title and subtitle
  • subject descriptors
  • format and frequency
  • publishers
  • editors and columnists
  • e-mail addresses and web sites
  • editorial address, phone, fax
  • individual and institutional subscription rates
  • subscription address, phone, fax, and e-mail
  • publishing history
  • indexing, abstracting, and microform resources
  • review references
  • ISSN and OCLC numbers

To get a copy of Annotations print out this page and mail with a check for $29.95, plus $2.55 for shipping to: Alternative Press Center, P O Box 13127, Baltimore MD 21203 USA. For additional copies, add $1.00 shipping for each copy. For more information call 312-451-8133 or e-mail altpress-AT-altpress.org .

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